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In 1932, when scandals in Frank Lloyd Wright's personal life had bruised his reputation, and his architectural practice and economic well being were at low points, he and his young wife Olgivanna conceived the idea of creating a new Fellowship of Apprentices. The Fellowship would be "a kind of daily work-life," with the apprentices learning by doing under the guidance of the Master in the community shaped and directed by his wife. 23 young men and women accepted the invitation to join the Fellowship at Wright's home, called Taliesin, in Spring Green, Wisconsin, and through the years hundreds more have continued to come, even after Mr. Wright's death in 1959 and Mrs. Wright's in 1985. In 1937, the Wrights opened a camp in Scottsdale, Arizona that became known as Taliesin West.

In February 1997, the Taliesin Fellows became the official alumni association of the Frank Lloyd School of Architecture. Highly controversial, it was not until June 1998 that the board of directors finally approved this appointment and added it to its mission statement. Now that the school is separated form the Foundation with its own administration and new name, the Fellows board again acted on expanding and reaffirming and its commitment to become the alumni association representing The Taliesin Fellowship, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, the School of Architecture at Taliesin, and The School of Architecture.

The spirit of the fellowship is alive with the Taliesin Fellows, and we invite our alumni to stay connected and to participate in the activities of our extended community. Alumni are administrators of a variety of social media outlets that invite anyone to share their enthusiasm for Taliesin, organic architecture, and our organization.

We publish a meticulously crafted Journal of the Taliesin Fellows three times per year by subscription only and open to all. Please click on Participate for more information.



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